About Us

AUQA Logo 2015Welcome to AU Queers and Allies! We are American University’s premiere LGBTQA+ advocacy group. We are committed to creating intersectional communities to better serve the needs of our community on campus and beyond. Queers and Allies is primarily made up of six communities which provide identity-specific events, social spaces, and outreach to those in their community. The sub-communities are:

  • Queer People of Color
  • Queer and Progressive Men
  • Queer Women’s Advocacy Community
  • Bi/Pan/Fluid/Ace/Aro Community
  • Trans & Non-Binary Collective
  • Allies’ Initiative

At Q&A, we strive to better ourselves and better our community so that everyone can take part. The most important part of our community is YOU. To become a member all you have to do is sign up for our listserv using the form below:

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For general questions about all things Q&A, please email us at: info@auqueersandallies.org.

For outreach to cabinet members or community coordinators, see the list below.


  • Katie Hargrave, Executive Director: executive@auqueersandallies.org
  • Adam Nolan, Deputy Director: emmett@auqueersandallies.org
  • Kiersten Gillette-Pierce, Secretary: info@auqueersandallies.org
  • Treasurer: treasurer@auqueersandallies.org

Community Coordinators

  • Queer People of Color: qpoc@auqueersandallies.org
  • Trans & Non-Binary Collective: tnbc@auqueersandallies.org
  • Queer and Progressive Men: qpm@auqueersandallies.org
  • Queer Women’s Advocacy Committee: qwac@auqueersandallies.org
  • Bi/Pan/Fluid/Ace Community: pfab@auqueersandallies.org
  • Allies Initiative: allies@auqueersandallies.org